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PolyU Names New Tower in recognition of Dr Li's substantial donation to support tertiary education

19 September 2001

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Council has decided to name its new 18-storey building after Dr Li Ka-shing in recognition of his latest donation of HK$100 million to the University. This is the largest amount of personal donation ever received by PolyU since its inception.

University President Professor Poon Chung-kwong sees Dr Li’s support as particularly meaningful in this rapidly changing environment . He said, “As the globalization of the world economy gathers speed, the cry for talent becomes an international issue. In Hong Kong where the economy is undergoing major structural changes, the demand for a quality workforce is even more pressing. In today’s knowledge-based economy, Dr Li’s donation means much more than sponsoring PolyU and tertiary education. It is about enhancing the competitive edge of Hong Kong as a whole.”

Prof. Poon continued, “We name this building after Dr Li to recognise his generous contribution. Support from visionary community leaders like Dr Li is giving us tremendous encouragement as we take steps to realise our mission.”

In support of PolyU’s mission to achieve “academic excellence in a professional context”, Dr Li made a donation of HK$100 million last year. Besides contributing to various aspects of the University’s long-term development, the donation is facilitating the further advancement of PolyU’s self-financed efforts to promote lifelong learning as well as services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Dr Li is appreciative of PolyU’s recognition. Having lived in the territory for 60 years, Hong Kong is always close to his heart. While his businesses now span many countries worldwide, Hong Kong remains the home base for his flagship companies.

Dr Li has always believed that education and a society’s economic development are closely linked. He reckons that the advancement of education, however, cannot depend on government funding alone. Support from corporations and individuals, in terms of contributions of resources and ideas, are equally important. His donation of HK$100 million is a solid demonstration of his support to fulfilling PolyU’s goal of forging “dedicated partnerships with business and industry” and its motto “to learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind”.

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