03 August 2015

Projecting Change: The Empire State Building


On Saturday, August 1st, 2015, Oscar®-winning director and Oceanic Preservation Society founder Louis Psihoyos (RACING EXTINCTION, THE COVE) and team, in collaboration with ObscuraDigital, Academy® Award nominated composer J. Ralph (RACING EXTINCTION, THE COVE), Discovery Channel, Vulcan Productions,... Read More

21 July 2015

A Life Changing New Milestone for China’s Organ Transplantation Reforms The Li Ka Shing Foundation Supports Move Towards Transparency

Mr. Li Ka-shing pledged to donate RMB 8 million to the China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation (COTDF) to support China’s organ transplantation reforms. Behind this historic health reform is Dr Huang Jiefu, former Vice Minister for the Ministry of Health and Director of the COTDF. Dr Huang gained a fervent supporter in Mr Li when he shared his goals with him.|基金會主席李嘉誠先生支持國家移植事業文明改革,捐資800萬元人民幣,作為中國器官移植發展基金會的種子基金。推動這項重大改革的靈魂人物,原衛生部副部長兼中國器官移植發展基金會理事長黃潔夫教授,於日前在港與李先生會面並提出其具體計劃,讓器官捐贈體系全面陽光化。|基金会主席李嘉诚先生支持国家移植事业文明改革,捐资800万元人民币,作为中国器官移植发展基金会的种子基金。推动这项重大改革的灵魂人物,原卫生部副部长兼中国器官移植发展基金会理事长黄洁夫教授,於日前在港与李先生会面并提出其具体计划,让器官捐赠体系全面阳光化。

(Hong Kong, 21 July 2015) On January 1, 2015, the National Organ Donation and Organ Transplant Committee announced the ban of organ harvesting from death-row inmates, designating civilian organ donation as the only legitimate source for organ transplants. Behind this historic health reform in China is... Read More

26 June 2015

Li Ka-shing introduces the “Thriver” OS with empathy as its kernel


(Shantou and Hong Kong, 26 June 2015) We are constantly upgrading our smartphones and their OS (operating system) to make them better, but have you ever wondered if the OS of your life could also be upgraded? At this morning’s commencement speech delivered to over 2,000 graduates of Shantou University... Read More