Caritas Chong Yuet Ming Prevocational School

16 October 1997

I am very honored to be here today at the opening ceremony of the Caritas Chong Yuet Ming Prevocational School, and would like to thank all our guests for taking time out from their busy schedules to attend this ceremony.

My late wife and I valued highly the importance of a good education, and we felt that education is the foundation for improving the quality of a people as well as the basic impetus for social development. As secondary education is an important step in exploring personal interests and developing one’s potential, it is receiving more and more attention. Caritas founded this prevocational school over 30 years ago, and during this time, the school has produced many young graduates who have gone on to contribute to society. We are very pleased that the completion of this new school premises will provide students with advanced facilities and an ideal learning environment. In addition to providing a general education, the school also offers commercial, technical, and other practical courses, which give the students an advantage in today’s increasingly competitive society. We hope the students here will study hard and use what they’ve learned to make a contribution to our community.

Under the guidance of Cardinal Wu, the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese and Caritas have actively promoted social welfare projects, particularly in the areas of health care and education. Their good work has benefited many people and won public praise. I have worked with Caritas for many years and am greatly impressed by their enthusiasm and efficiency. It is very meaningful to be able to work with Caritas once again and to make a small contribution towards education. I would also like to express my deep gratitude to the School Board for naming the new school after my late wife Chong Yuet Ming in her memory.

Finally, I wish to thank sincerely all those who have participated in the planning and building of these new school premises, and to express my admiration to the principal, teachers and all educators. I also take this opportunity to wish the students success in their studies. Thank you.