Defrauders Alert

08 July 2022

It has come to our attention that some unscrupulous parties have been passing themselves off as the Li Ka Shing Foundation (“the Foundation”), its Founder or related entities in carrying out fraudulent activities in China (including Hong Kong SAR) and around the world. These activities are mainly conducted in the form of internet scams, advertisement(s) and/or mobile phone scams, including: –

1. Posting fraudulent advertisements by using the Foundation’s name, featuring its Founder’s picture(s) and/or copying the contents of the Foundation’s official website.

2. Transmitting fraudulent emails in the name of the Foundation or its Founder claiming to provide monetary award.

3. Putting up fake websites on the internet using the Foundation’s name and/or mimicking the Foundation’s official website.

Please stay alert: These phishing activities are unauthorised and unapproved by the Foundation. Please do not give your personal or financial information in response to any suspicious requests. The Foundation will not be responsible nor liable for such fraudulent activities.

We are taking actions to restrain the phishing activities. Please contact us immediately for enquiry or verification if you receive any suspicious emails, information, invitations, offers or requests purportedly from or relating to the Foundation.

Li Ka Shing Foundation